Innovation, Management and PrACTice (IMPact) Research Centre

The IMPact research centre examines practice and theoretical issues related to technology change, organising and management practice.

  1. The Digitisation of Management, Work and Organisation
  2. Innovation benefits realisation
  3. Sustainable futures of work and consumption
  4. Regulation, space and the built environment
  5. Clean growth and renewable energy

We believe that enterprise and innovation, along with social, organisational and economic transformation, are key to the future prosperity, sustainability and wellbeing. We are determined to maximise the impact of our research locally, nationally and globally through contribution to theory, policy and practice.

This is reflected in the interdisciplinary and international make-up of the team. IMPact forms a dynamic and focused research environment. It’s founded on the development and exchange of knowledge and ideas about key technological, social, organisational and management challenges.

We also develop theoretical insights which translate into impactful engagement with key stakeholders, including the UK Police, the Swedish Government, the Finnish Government, the UK Armed Forces and UK local government.

Our strong working relationships with a growing number of key individuals and professional bodies support the Faculty's mission to conduct research that is as valuable to practitioners and policy makers as it is to our academic colleagues.

One of the key projects currently being worked on is Eastern New Energy, which includes the spin out project with The New Meaning Foundation, looking at decarbonising the micro-home units as much as possible and developing off-grid/zero carbon versions for sites which utility connectivity is challenging. Find out more about the Micro Homes Project here.

Whether you're seeking to do a PhD, have a research need, or want advice about realising an opportunity, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact Professor Chris Ivory, Centre Director at [email protected]

  1. To connect with concerns that individuals, organisations and societies face by focusing our work on Innovation and Enterprise.
  2. To address the dynamic challenges of climate, social and organisational change that mark our times.
  3. To understand how individuals and organisations create and respond to innovation and how they build new organisations and businesses to address problems and opportunities.
  4. To address the issues of what we might do with technology to create equitable societies and sustainable economies, as well as address concerns about what technology might do to us.


  • Blueprint to the Circular Economy – Interreg (France-channel-England). Social Innovation Agenda. Developing new policies, strategies and approaches required by Local Authorities to unlock sustainable and inclusive growth opportunities through the transition to a Circular Economy based model. Total project value: 5,619,864 € April 2020 – June 2023.
  • Eastern New Energy – ERDF Developing and disseminating new knowledge about the barriers that are preventing rapid decarbonisation in the UK's SE. Income to ARU: £484,138. October 2019 - September 2022.
  • Grow-In (Industry 4.0) – INTERREG. Examining and supporting the uptake of digital technology amongst manufacturing SMEs in the North Sea region. Developing business models and tools. Total project value: 3,607,589 €. August 2017–September 2020.
  • Digitalisation of management – FORTE (Sweden). Examining changes in management practice as a consequence of technology - a comparison of Sweden and the UK. Total project value: £1,480,000 January 2017* – December 2022. Income to ARU £406,000. Collaboration between ARU and Malardalen University, Sweden.
  • DigiConCo-Op: Transforming Micro-project Delivery through Digital Co-Operative Construction. Co-investigator Transforming Construction Network+. February 2020 – July 2020. £39,000.


  • Benefits realisation in Innovation Communication Technologies (ICTs) – Research examining benefits realisation assumptions underpinning a technology project launched by Cambridgeshire Police. For more information about this research, please contact Prof Chris Ivory
  • Biz4Age – project part-funded by INTERREG IVA 2 Seas Programme on independent living to meet the needs of residents, and at the same time enhance the local economy. 
  • CURA-B – part-funded through the Joint Technical Secretariat INTERREG IVA 2 Mers on promoting entrepreneurship and the development of new cross-border initiatives
  • Innovation into Healthcare Organisations (INTHO) - Research on the post-adoption phase of technology in large Healthcare organisations. For more information about this research, please contact Dr Antonio Sánchez-Vázquez
  • Valuable, Intangible and Prestigious Service Experiences (VIPSE) – Project funded by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, on the role and nature of prestige-based experiences in customers' value-creation processes. For more information about this project, please contact Prof Teemu Kautonen