ARU London

ARU London offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. We're a partner of ARU, offering a separate curriculum and unique delivery modes for those studying in London.

Our outstanding academics bridge the gap between theory and practice in a warm and supportive environment. This commitment is reflected in our students' consistently high satisfaction rates across the university.

Our education goes beyond the classroom, with robust employability schemes ensuring you graduate not only with an excellent degree but also with the practical skills to unleash your full potential.

Study in one of the world's most exciting cities

Our East India campus is situated in the docklands in east London, and has state of the art facilities for students to use. The newly transformed, contemporary site in East London was part of a multi-million-pound refurbishment of the local area. Our facilities are spread over two buildings, with over 100,000 sq. ft of teaching and communal workspace.

With a total student population of over 500,000, London offers an unrivalled multicultural experience and is one of the most popular student destinations in the world. Studying at one of our sites in the capital allows you to immerse yourself into the busy and diverse life London has to offer.

Experience ARU London from the comfort of your home. Our virtual tour is a great way to explore our attractive campus buildings and get a clear picture of the facilities and amenities available to you.

Courses at ARU London

At ARU London, our unwavering passion for knowledge is at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to fostering this passion by providing exceptional education to our students. We ensure that not only are our lecturers highly academically qualified, but they also boast significant real-world business experience. That’s why all our lecturers are currently working or have worked within the sector they teach. This approach ensures our students don’t receive just theoretical knowledge from their textbooks, but valuable, modern, practical examples, too.

Explore the diverse range of subjects we offer below and embark on your educational journey.

Student support and initiatives

At ARU London, we offer various support services to ensure students' wellbeing and academic success.

Travel Bursary

All our undergraduate students are eligible for a Travel Bursary. The Travel Bursary has been designed to help students cover the costs of studying at university in the city. Eligible students can receive a payment of £250 for each semester, with the opportunity of receiving up to £500 per academic year.


We’ve structured our degrees to be taught across a unique two-to-three-day timetable. Our timetable won’t only cut down on your travel costs making your Travel Bursary go further but will also allow you to find meaningful part-time work throughout your studies.

Student wellbeing

At ARU London, your well-being is important to us.

We aim to ensure all students are fully supported throughout their studies. Offering specialist information, advice and support to students with mental health difficulties, ongoing medical conditions, disabilities and specific learning difficulties, the Student Wellbeing team are here to talk about any personal circumstances affecting your studies.

Employability Scheme

Employability is key at ARU London and is delivered through our Employability Scheme. The scheme gives students the chance to be exposed to employers, build their personal capabilities and so maximise their employment potential.


Throughout a student’s life they often collect a small library worth of academic textbooks; these not so little things will help you get a good degree but can also be a financial burden. ARU London knows that the price tag of your reading materials can be expensive and that is why we support our students by supplying the core textbook for each of your modules for free.