ARU London

View of the ARU London buildings at East India Dock

ARU London offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. We're a partner of ARU, offering a separate curriculum and unique delivery modes for those studying in London.

Based in two locations – one in the heart of the City of London, and the other in Docklands in East London – we offer you unprecedented access to a host of potential employers and careers.

Our central locations, convenient transport links and established relationships across the city all come together to help you take advantage of studying in one of the world’s best student cities*. Choosing to study in a city famed for history, business, culture and one of the truly international capitals of the world will not disappoint.

Courses at ARU London

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ARU London is the perfect place to gain the knowledge which will propel you to a successful career. We have a focus on your employability during and after your degree – our Employability Scheme runs alongside every course, so you graduate with an excellent degree and the skills to achieve your full potential.

By studying at ARU London, you can be sure of academic standards and the quality of learning opportunities. Not only are our lecturers highly qualified, they also boast significant real-world business experience. That means you don’t just receive theoretical knowledge from textbooks, but valuable practical knowledge, too.

Perhaps most important of all, our lecturers are all great lecturers, adept at communicating their expertise in an enthusiastic, informative way that encourages and engages our students. We're passionate about the education we deliver.

Student support and initiatives


Throughout a student’s life they often collect a small library worth of academic textbooks. These not so little things will help you get a good degree but can also be a financial burden. ARU London knows that the price tag of your reading materials can be very expensive and that is why we support our students by supplying the core textbook for each of your modules for free. For all new students starting in 2023/24, we will be providing e-books instead of a hard copy.

E-books can be delivered to you instantly, they are portable through a mobile device, they accommodate various learning styles and have an interactive search that beats scrolling through hundreds of pages. During your orientation, you will learn how to access your e-books and how best to use them.

Employability Scheme

Employability is key at ARU London and is delivered through our Employability Scheme. The scheme gives students the chance to be exposed to employers, build their personal capabilities and so maximise their employment potential.


Scholarships of £2,000 are available for the overall top achievers in Year 0, Year 1 and Year 2.

Students with the highest scores in their Year 1 can achieve the Year 2 scholarships and similarly the top achievers from Year 2 can qualify for the Year 3 scholarship. If you are on a foundation degree, you can also achieve a scholarship if you are a top achiever in Year 0 for a scholarship for Year 1.

ARU London provides a number of scholarships each year across our three postgraduate intakes. All applicants are offered the chance to receive a scholarship of up to 50% off their Masters degree.


We’ve structured our degrees to be taught across a unique two-to-three-day timetable. Our timetable won’t only cut down on your travel costs making your Travel Bursary go further, it will also allow you to find meaningful part-time work throughout your studies. Therefore, ARU London students can begin saving towards their tuition fees or living costs immediately.

We also offer an evening and weekend study mode for selected undergraduate degrees. These full-time degrees can be an ideal solution if you are looking to start a degree but a standard daytime timetable doesn’t work for you.

Travel Bursary

If you’re new to the London commute, you’ll soon realise that throughout your study the pennies quickly add up. All of our undergraduate students are eligible for a Travel Bursary. The Travel Bursary has been designed to help students cover the costs of studying at university in the city. Eligible students can receive a payment of £250 for each semester, with the opportunity of receiving up to £500 per Academic Year.

*QS Best Student Cities, 2024.