Writtle University College and ARU have merged. Writtle’s full range of college, degree, postgraduate and short courses will still be delivered on the Writtle campus. See our guide to finding Writtle information on this site.

Accommodation options for under 18s and families

If you are going to be under 18 when you join us your accommodation options will be very limited.

For students studying on the Cambridge campus, you can book to live in the YMCA or if you’ll turn 18 within three months of the start of your tenancy agreement, you can book to live at the Railyard.

If you’re studying on the Chelmsford campus, there is limited private student accommodation, including rooms at Host, Colchester. There is no university accommodation available for students who will be under 18 when they start their course at the Chelmsford campus.

All accommodation in Peterborough is private sector accommodation.


Both the options below offer accommodation to under 18s for further information or to book you’ll need to contact the Residential Service Office.

  • The Railyard – limited rooms available for under 18s. These students must have a suitable guardian who can sign an agreement on their behalf
  • Anglia House – limited rooms available if turning 18 before the end of the tenancy


Homestay work with host families with some availability for students who are under 18. To book you’ll need to contact them directly.

01223 367450
[email protected]


A range of en-suite and studio rooms with all your bills included plus spacious social spaces including a communal lounge with games area and relaxing outdoor courtyards.

Host, Colchester

Host has accommodation for students in Colchester, 38 minutes by train from the Chelmsford campus. They have a limited number of rooms available for students under 18. To book you’ll need to contact them directly.

27 Magdalen Street, Colchester, CO1 2ZT
+44 (0)1206 700 970
[email protected]

For further help in searching for under 18s accommodation please contact the Residential Service.

Accommodation options for families

There is no University managed accommodation for families in Cambridge, Chelmsford, or Peterborough. Students who need family accommodation will need to look in the private sector.

Lettings agencies

Check our list of local agents for Cambridge and Chelmsford who have confirmed they are happy to rent to students and may also have properties suitable for families.

If you’ll be living with a partner who is working you could get more choice by searching for private accommodation on websites such as Rightmove or Zoopla, as your partner could be the lead tenant.


You can find available properties on angliastudentpad.co.uk. We’ve made sure that the landlords have met the basic legal requirements to rent out their property but haven’t visited the properties ourselves. To acquire the password please contact Residential Service.

Further info

While studying as full-time students you are exempt from paying council tax. Please note you are only exempt from paying council tax for the duration of your studies, if you have signed a tenancy agreement which starts before or ends after your studies, you are liable to pay for this timeframe in between. Once your studies have ended you will be fully liable to pay. If you’ll be living with someone who is not a full-time student, they’ll need to pay council tax, which you should make the landlord aware of. More information can be found about rates and discounts of council tax for students on the government website. ARU has some useful information for students with children such as financial support, childcare options and FAQs.

Getting more help

Please contact the House Hunting team if you need further assistance: