Accommodation in Peterborough

Rowboats docked by a building in Peterborough

Below is some helpful information about agencies and websites where you can find private sector accommodation for students in Peterborough.

We recommend that you view the property before signing a contract or paying any money. When you make a payment try to avoid using money transfer websites and always get proof you've paid.

Please remember that we have not inspected the properties listed on these sites and can't accept responsibility or liability for any action taken by an agency/landlord.

  • See our House Hunter Guide (PDF) (copies are also available from the Residential Service).
  • Find rooms on studentpad.
  • Don’t rush into making a decision. Take the time to talk things through with those you are looking to share with.
  • We would never recommend signing a contract or paying any money before you have viewed the accommodation.
  • At viewings, use the checklist in the House Hunter guide.

Property Line
75 Broadway
01733 777788
[email protected]

Progressive Lets
10 Office Village
Forder Way
Cygnet Park
01733 592067
[email protected]

Rent a home Peterborough
212 Lincoln Road
01733 898118
[email protected]

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If you’re studying nursing, midwifery or operating department practice with us and your course includes a placement in Peterborough, you’ll be able to apply for short-term hospital accommodation.

Contact Peterborough City Hospital on +44 (0)1733 678010 or [email protected] to find out more about the accommodation, including availability and prices.

To apply, complete an application form from the hospital, and return it with a copy of your student status letter (available from the iCentre on campus or Ask ARU).

You can also find short-term accommodation in Peterborough.

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Homestay Consultancy
A homestay and host family placement service.

Listings of house shares and agency rentals.

The University’s own private sector database. Email [email protected] for the password.

Other places to look

There are other websites available offering house shares/lodgings (e.g. Gumtree, Easy Roommate, Room Buddies, etc.) but please remember that these sites are not monitored so be wary of fake adverts and scams.

Read more about useful information for rental listings.

Signing contracts

Most properties will require you to sign a contract. Make sure you fully understand each term of the contract as it is legally binding. Most contacts will be individual or joint Assured Shorthold Tenancies, or an Occupancy Agreement if you are living in someone else’s home. A useful tool for finding out which type of contract you are signing is Shelter’s Tenancy Checker.

Damage deposits

All damage deposits taken by landlords for Assured Shorthold Tenancies must be protected under a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. Landlords will normally ask for a deposit if you accept a property. A damage deposit cannot be more than five weeks' rent for properties where rent is less than £50,000 per year. Understand when the deposit is payable and when you will get the deposit back, as well as circumstances when the landlord is entitled to keep some or all of the deposit.

Living within the community

Be mindful and respectful of your neighbours and think about whether your behaviour or activities are likely to be disturbing them. When you move in why not pop over and introduce yourself? If you are on friendly terms with your neighbours it will be easier for you to appreciate any concerns they may have, and they will be more likely to approach you rather than the police or local council if they have a problem.

For information on rubbish and recycling collections please visit Peterborough City Council’s website.

Problem solving

The House Hunter guide (PDF) has a section on problem solving relating to a range of issues. Always try to resolve problems as soon as they occur, especially in relation to repairs or harassment from your landlord.

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You can contact the Residential Service or the ARU Students’ Union for help and advice relating to private renting.

For contract checking or issues involving housing or tenancy law, seek legal advice. The Citizens Advice Bureau and the housing advice centre offer a free legal advice service, or you may prefer to contact a specialist solicitor.