Pharmaceutical Research Group

Scheme of PEGylated liposomes for drug delivery

Our Pharmaceutical Research Group (PRG) carries out cutting-edge research in Nanomedicine, Pharmaceutical Technology, Drug Controlled Release and Drug Development.

In addition to pharmaceutical technology research, our research focuses on:

  • developing innovative drug delivery approaches to reverse Multidrug Resistance (MDR)
  • scaling up technology of nanomedicine
  • pharmacological activities of metal-organic complexes
  • manufacturing and scaling up nutraceutical dosage forms
  • dendrimers and macromolecule prodrugs
  • nanomedicine for eye disease and developing anti-cataract medications
  • pharmaceutical applications of 3D printing
  • using Three-Dimensional Stereophotogrammetry (TDS) for assessing skin conditions.

Academic staff

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PhD students

  • Ayse Kaya
  • Niusha Ansari-Fard
  • Dan Alves
  • Tony Tiller
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