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Our broad range of expertise, research institutes, centres and groups means we’ve helped many organisations access existing knowledge and facilities that have helped them solve a business issue.

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Our dedicated team of business-friendly Partnership Development Managers can work with you to understand your needs and find an academic most suited to answering your particular business-related question.

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Our Partnership Development Managers are business-friendly people. Good at listening and understanding a client’s brief, they can help you quickly identify a suitable academic in your desired field, and answer any questions you might have about confidentiality, intellectual property, timescales or costings.

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Dr Magdalena Zawisza, Areas of Expertise: Applied, Social and Health Psychology

Dr Magdalena Zawisza is an academic psychologist. Her research interests include gender, consumer and social psychology and focus mainly on issues of gender, sexism and advertising. She has worked on many consultancy projects helping local organisations to grow and prosper.

"Working with businesses is a very rewarding experience. I get to apply my knowledge of brand image and consumer psychology to help businesses with their marketing issues online or offline. Every case is different and advanced knowledge and research is essential for companies to make the right decisions."

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