Specialist equipment, lab and services hire

Two scientists in white coats at a bench in the biomarker lab

You can hire ARU’s specialist services, equipment and lab spaces on a commercial basis. These include:

Biomechanics Lab

Our Biomechanics Lab is equipped with a wide range of equipment allowing analysis of neuromuscular, vascular and respiratory function, 3D motion force, and pressure measurements.

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Biometrics Lab

Our Biometrics Lab brings together academics from ARU’s School of Life Sciences to offer a wide range of expertise and services, including platelet function testing, inflammation and immune checkpoint assays, and workplFmatlabace drug testing.

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Clinical trials support

Our specialised Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) can help you to design, run, analyse and publish clinical trials and other clinical studies in compliance with legal and ethical regulations.

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Compound screening

We can screen small molecule compounds and biologicals at high throughput format in our Containment Level 2 laboratory.

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Development of phenotypic screening assays

We have experience in developing phenotypic screening assays for high throughput screening using human primary cells in fibrosis, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Eye Clinic

Our Eye Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for measuring eye biometrics and detecting disease such as Optical Coherence Tomography and eye trackers. You can also access visual field testing, electrophysiology, low vision and colour vision suites.

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Medical device development and testing

We can help you to develop inexpensive, easy-to-use, safe and reliable medical devices with input from our clinical colleagues.

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Music Therapy Clinic

We have extensive experience of working with healthcare practitioners and music therapists, offering access to our purpose-built city centre clinic.

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Optics and biomechanics of the eye

We have experience in measuring and modelling the optical properties of the eye and how these change with age, eye size and ocular disease, as well as simulation and modelling.

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PCR-based diagnostic kit development

Through our Molecular Diagnostics Research Unit, we can support you with the rapid development of innovative, accurate and cost-effective PCR-based diagnostic assays.

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Pharmaceutical drug reformulation

We can help you develop innovative drug delivery approaches for development of novel anti-cancer agents.

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