Talking about teaching seminar: Engaging students through inquiry based learning

Due to the current World health situation, we have chosen to cancel this Talking about Teaching Seminar.

We will invite Prof Mike Sharples to deliver this seminar in the new academic year.

Inquiry-based learning is a powerful form of active learning based on exploring a ‘big question’ through guided investigation. It encourages students to act like scientists, investigating themselves, their environment and their community. Students pose thoughtful questions, plan methods, collect and analyse evidence, respond to the question, share results and reflect on progress.

In this seminar, Prof Mike Sharples, Honorary Visiting Professor CIHE, Emeritus Professor of Educational Technology, Open University, will present two new methods of inquiry-based learning: Personal Inquiry and Citizen Inquiry.

In Personal Inquiry, students take ownership of the inquiry process. Individually or collectively they devise questions that have personal meaning. Then, they are supported to investigate these in their own time and space, before working together to share and analyse findings.

Citizen Inquiry combines elements of citizen science and inquiry learning. Students work together to design investigations, then recruit members of the public and scientists to crowd-source data for analysis and discussion.

The seminar will demonstrate the nQuire platform, developed with the Open University and the BBC, to support inquiry-based learning.