Research and current projects

The Centre for Innovation in Higher Education drives research-informed innovations in learning, teaching and assessment to improve student outcomes. We create and contribute to pedagogic research and scholarship across ARU, and beyond.

Three specialist areas

Over the next three years we will maximise current scholarship and practice by focusing on three specialist areas. These three areas will be underpinned by ARU's focus on measuring learning gain and the use of learning analytics.

  1. Digital Futures – developing a digitally capable organisation and enabling digital capabilities of staff and students to flourish
  2. Active Learning – focusing on Assessment and Feedback, Inclusive Learning, Teaching and Assessment, and Ruskin Modules.
  3. Design Thinking Pedagogy – informing curriculum design and teaching through establishing an educational laboratory model for incubation of innovations in learning and teaching.

Current projects

CIHE staff carry out research in various aspects of applied pedagogy within the three areas of focus. The Centre has a fully funded PhD student conducting research in the area of learning gain. It also supports 15-week Strategic Projects funded by Anglia Learning & Teaching enabling members of ARU staff to conduct intensive small-scale pedagogic research projects. 

In May 2018 the Centre was commissioned by Advance HE to carry out research into higher education responses to the 2017 UK government Industrial Strategy, exploring the implications for employability skills development in universities. Read more about the higher education responses to the Industrial Strategy project.

A qualitative research project is currently underway, involving CIHE and Anglia Learning & Teaching staff, exploring the longitudinal impact of Writing Retreats on participants' writing practices. Read more about the longitudinal impact of Writing Retreats project.