Writtle University College and ARU have merged. Writtle’s full range of college, degree, postgraduate and short courses will still be delivered on the Writtle campus. See our guide to finding Writtle information on this site.

Our activities and events


  • Internal and external promotion of the latest research, good practice, and other Ped Res activities and outputs
  • Collate and disseminate Faculty/Institute Ped Res conferences and publications
  • Ped Res methodology/methods case studies
  • Develop a Digital Hub of pedagogic strands illustrated by case studies
  • Improved institutional staff directory/profile database to include research interest search
  • Audit pedagogic research and innovation across our institution
  • Liaise with RIDO to enhance institutional REF contribution
  • Undertake institutional impact evaluations
  • Develop ethics discussion paper leading to institutional support (especially the use of student data)
  • Support and encourage colleagues in, or transitioning into Ped Res (e.g., via PGCert/LTiP, and during appraisal season)
  • Bring teaching, research, and practice together for knowledge exchange
  • Identify, promote, and share ARU Ped Res activities and expertise internally via Faculty Liaison with DDE/DLTA and DDR/DoR, and school meetings
  • Identify, promote, and share ARU Ped Res activities and expertise (inter)nationally
  • Environmental scan of LTA funding opportunities including research funding (e.g., SRHE)
  • Support/mentor colleagues with Ped Res activities and publications
  • Support/mentors for ECRs and ECTs
  • Build relationships with national bodies and organisations (e.g., SRHE, Advance HE, SEDA, PLA (Playful Learning Association), ALT (Association for Learning Technology, WonkHE)
  • Look for and respond to sector collaborative LTA projects (e.g., AdvanceHE, OfS, QAA, SRHE)

Specific Activities:

  • Manage, support, and promote Education Sabbaticals
  • Engage in professional enquiry
  • Develop and support key initiatives pedagogically (e.g., Race Equality Strategy, Ruskin Modules (RMs))
  • Build in impact mechanisms and carry out Impact Evaluations as indicators of pathways to impact (such as with Active Curriculum Framework, RMs)
  • Support faculties in developing their own Ped Res programmes/centres (e.g., FBL)
  • Support colleagues during their Ped Res journey by linking activities to different stages of career development

Regular Timetabled Activities:

  • TeachMeets (online or face-to-face)
  • Monthly lunch-time transformative conversations
  • Monthly interactive Open Studios Sandpit meetings [open to local/national colleagues and organisations] discussing a topic and with facilitated support
  • Monthly Ped Res meetings
    • Record presentations for editing and dissemination in a variety of formats
  • Monthly drop-in writing cafés
  • Trimester Writing Retreats (full day)
  • Trimester Academic Writing workshops (2 hours)
    • Getting published
    • Managing rejection
  • Workshops in Ped Res methodologies (e.g., NVivo training workshops in qualitative data analysis)
  • Transitioning into Ped Res workshops
  • Ped Res (Engage) Conference with Ped Res focus
  • Ped Res theme/strand at ARU Research Conference

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