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About the Centre for Innovation in Higher Education

Our mission:

A place where our community (academic and/or professional services staff, and PGR/PGT students) can exchange ideas, provide support for each other, and build a pedagogic research community. CIHE supports, promotes and champions inclusive and innovative and transformative pedagogies, pedagogic research, and strategic investigations and impact evaluations of learning, teaching and assessment aligned with university LTA strategies and initiatives.


  • to build a strong Pedagogic Research (Ped Res) community for Anglia Ruskin University
  • to deliver on Ped Res aligned to cross-cutting themes in Education and Research and Innovation strategies
  • to build networks around our key strategic Learning, Teaching, and Assessment (LTA) interests
  • to develop Ped Res among internal staff and establish institutional visibility to build a community of practice in Ped Res (including SIGS focused on specific themes)
  • to take ownership of the ‘research into teaching’ area (integration of research into the curriculum)
  • to capture and share the significance and impact  of our work in Ped Res internally and externally, to achieve institutional visibility and sector recognition
  • to support reviews/evaluations of strategic LTA projects or themes 
  • to focus on providing expertise in and support for impact evaluation 
  • to explore the intersections of education, research, and innovation 
  • to foster interdisciplinary projects through Education Sabbaticals and Ped Res Community
  • to develop and deliver annual national/international Ped Res conference

Commitments to:

  • Education and Research & Innovation Strategies 
  • Race Equality Strategy
  • AL&T Action Plan and specifically Innovative, Interdisciplinary Pedagogies
  • Different modes of delivery 
  • Digital Transformation of HE
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Playful Approaches to Learning and Teaching 
  • Nurturing and inspiring ideas
  • Supporting change initiatives
  • Contribute to the inclusion of Ped Res in the Research Excellence Framework (REF), including impact case studies
  • Exploring new and emerging pedagogies that involve academic risk-taking
  • Develop ‘Pipeline to Externality’ (i.e., route: PGCert/ fellowships/NTFS/CATE/advance HE projects/THE)

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