CIHE Annual Conference 2019 'Creative Approaches to Pedagogic Research'

The Centre for Innovation in Higher Education (CIHE) held our first annual conference 'Creative Approaches to Pedagogic Research' on 10 July 2019 – an opportunity to share and learn about current and innovative approaches to research-informed teaching and learning.

Our keynote speakers were Prof Pauline Kneale (University of Plymouth) and Prof Mike Sharples (Open University), both of whom are Honorary Visiting Professors at CIHE. We also hosted two workshops from Dr Mark J.P. Kerrigan (Plymouth College of Art, Honorary Visiting Fellow at CIHE) and Prof Gina Wisker (University of Brighton).

Here you can take a look at the resources from the keynotes and presentations.


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How do we know we have impact?

Prof Pauline Kneale, University of Plymouth

View the slides from 'How do we know we have impact?'

nQuire: An innovative approach to inquiry learning

Prof Mike Sharples, Open University

View the slides from 'nQuire: An innovative approach to inquiry learning'

Parallel session 1 10.25-11.25 Design Thinking Pedagogies

Working with me: Using self-connected learning in practice – Dr Sally Goldspink & Dr Hilary Engward, Anglia Ruskin University

Problem-based Learning by Design – Prof Derek Raine, University of Leicester

Parallel session 1 10.25-11.25 Digital Futures

The potential of δημοτική: lessons from YouTubers - Dr Linda Brown, Anglia Ruskin University

Fostering reflection ‘in’, ‘on’ and ‘for’ action in teacher education through COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) and MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) blends - Prof Marina Orsini-Jones, Coventry University

Parallel session 1 10.25-11.25 Active Learning

What do we mean by 'active learning'? – Dr Angela Partington, Kingston University

Can active learning be enhanced by transformational lecturing? - Mr Chris Owen, Anglia Ruskin University

Parallel session 2 11.45-12.45 Design Thinking Pedagogies

We’re interacting, but are we connecting? (And does it really matter?) - Ms Maddy Redmond, Anglia Ruskin University

A state of flow? Engaging students in evaluating their wellbeing and involvement - Dr Clionagh Boyle, Liverpool Hope University

Parallel session 2 11.45-12.45 Digital Futures

MARC: Impact measurement of a degree calculator – Mr Damien Murray, Dr Julian Priddle & Dr Helen Keyes, Anglia Ruskin University

In-class student-centred data collection: an approach that benefits all – Dr Kerry Dobbins, University of Leicester

Parallel session 2 11.45-12.45 Active Learning

The active digital learning environment: beyond using Canvas as a repository – Dr Isobel Gowers, Anglia Ruskin University

Doctoral researchers’ engagement with active learning strategies: an impact of learning from the school setting? - Dr Elena Forasacco, Imperial College London

Parallel session 3 14.05-15.05 Design Thinking Pedagogies

Getting university teachers to help students read, speak and write disciplinary discourse - Dr James Wilkinson, Queen Mary University of London

Design hacks: flips and tips for pedagogic innovation – Dr Emma Agusita, Ms Marion Gillet, Dr Michaela Palmer & Dr Nigel Newbutt, University of the West of England

Parallel session 3 14.05-15.05 Digital Futures

Evaluation of the impact of a virtual reality community placement on student nurse learning – Mrs Siân Shaw, Mr Paul Driver & Ms Sue Hughes, Anglia Ruskin University

Changing classroom dynamics: examples of game-based learning in public health – Luda Ruddock, CU Coventry (part of the Coventry University Group)

Parallel session 3 14.05-15.05 Active Learning

Now stand by your chairs’ – visualising practice in research-led teaching through creative methods – Ms Florence Dujardin & Dr Rebecca Thomas, University of East Anglia

Workshop 15.20-16.05

Enabling and supervising undergraduate research - frameworks and freedoms – Prof Gina Wisker, University of Brighton

Keynote and parallel session abstracts

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