CIHE prepares and supports colleagues to produce the following outputs.

  • Regular conversation/dialogue/commentary/critique on current/emerging issues (blog, vlog, opinion piece, podcast)
  • Monthly news sheet
  • Scholarly, peer reviewed Ped Res Journal (including shorter, longer, and creative submissions)
  • Support publication of articles including from Education Sabbaticals
  • CIHE articles, reports, and impact evaluations
  • CIHE Books: Learning and Teaching Interdisciplinarity (in progress, contract TBC); Fostering Digital Transformation in HE (contract with Taylor and Francis).
  • Evaluation and Research into new and emerging pedagogies
  • Support colleagues sharing findings/expertise at external conferences
  • Support evidence and outcomes associated with Teaching and Research Excellence

Pedagogic Research Directory

The aim of the Pedagogic Research Directory is to provide an overview of the research in teaching and learning in higher education (both current and completed), at Anglia Ruskin University.

We welcome contributions from anyone who is undertaking this kind of research currently, or has been involved in projects in the past.

Relevant research activities for inclusion in the survey include both large-scale funded projects and small-scale action research projects undertaken by lecturers on their own teaching activities.

If you would like to be included in the directory, please complete the Submission Form. Please let Mark Warnes know when you have submitted.