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Crime Scene and Evidence

students in white suits at mock crime scene

The Crime Scene and Evidence research area conducts exploration in relation to crime scene examination, evidence processing and recovery, scene investigation, standard operating procedures in crime scene practice and issues of crime scene contamination.

This includes crime scene investigation, fingermark visualisation, BPA, fire investigation, forensic medicine, pathology and archaeology.

The Crime Scene and Evidence research area is part of the Forensic & Investigative Sciences Research Group.

We offer our Forensic & Investigative Sciences PhD. We've also identified a range of innovative research project opportunities for postgraduate researchers.

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PhD students

Ian Styles. The Effect of Climatic and Environmental Change on the Prevalence of Malaria and Respiratory Disease in Ancient Nubia. 1st Supervisor Dr Samantha Tipper. Contact: [email protected]

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  • Crime Scene Investigation and examination
  • Fingermark examination and analysis
  • Bluestar and luminol techniques
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Service canines and Breed Specific Legislation and Finns Law
  • CSI wellbeing
  • Fire Service personnel wellbeing
  • Cognitive bias in crime scene examination
  • Fibre transfer
  • ISO accreditation
  • Bioarchaeology
  • Paleopathology
  • Forensic Anthropology
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Tipper, s., Wilson, P and Roberts, C, A (2023) Spondylolysis in ancient Nubian skeletal populations. International Journal of osteoarchaeology.

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Lemos, R and Tipper, S (2021) Sudanese and Nubian archaeology: scholarship past and present. In Tipper, S and Lemos, R. New perspectives on Sudanese and Nubian Archaeology, Archaeopress, Cambridge.

Dawkins, J., Gautam, L, Bandey, H., Armitage, R., Ferguson, L., 2020. The effect of paint type on the development of latent fingermarks on walls. Forensic Science International, 309, 110186.

Jackson, A., Gwinnett, C., Jones, R., (2015). Easylift Three Years On: Use of this Novel Tapelifting System for Fibres Evidence Screening and Ventures into Automated Fibre Finding. Abstract Submission EAFS 2015 Conference Confirmation.n

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Samantha Tipper. The impact of socio-political, cultural and environmental factors on spinal health in ancient Nubia. BABAO conference 2023, UCL

Samantha Tipper & Kylee Morrison Comparing Methods of Simulating Backspatter from Cranial Gunshot Wounds. Chartered Institute of Forensic Science Autumn Conference. November 2022.

Georgina Belsham A study into burning patterns of trauma in porcine bone. Chartered Institute of Forensic Science Autumn Conference. November 2022.

Paul Heselwood. Tough negotiations: The ultimate soft skill. UK Strength & Conditioning Association. September 2022

Samantha Tipper. A Pain in the neck: Impact of possible head loading on the cervical spine of ancient Nubians. 1st annual MTRC Conference, ARU Chelmsford. September 2022.

Samantha Tipper & Charlotte Primeau. A case of pectus carinatum in a Medieval woman from Lincoln. 23rd European Paleopathology conference, Vilnius, Lithuania. August 2022.

Samantha Tipper. The need for standardisation in the recording and presentation of spinal pathology. 23rd European Paleopathology conference, Vilnius, Lithuania. August 2022.

Rebecca Jones: The effects of trauma exposure on CSIs - Is it time for a new approach? Forensic Capability Network Research Festival, September 2021.

Samantha Tipper: Health and Wellbeing in Medieval Nubia Heritage Research Showcase, Lincoln University, UK. July 2021.

Samantha Tipper: 5th Sudan Studies Research Conference, University of Warsaw, Poland. Director September 2021.

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Samantha Tipper “How to identify skeletal remains”. BBC Essex July 2022.

Rebecca Jones “We have to look after them”: FCN begins policing’s first national forensic workforce strategy. Forensic Capability Network news.

Samantha Tipper: “Digging in the Dirt: Forensic Science in Ancient and Medieval Archaeology” Medieval Sound Bites Podcast 2021.

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1 Day Short Course: Dental Anthropology. 12 November 2022. Contact Dr Samantha Tipper for more information.