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Platelet Research Group

Image of whole human blood flowing over a thromogenic substrate, with platelets in the blood stained fluorescent green.

Our Platelet Research Group has a strong interest in the behaviour of platelets during normal haemostasis, and during thrombosis leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Current research projects involve the investigation of the role of zinc in platelet behaviour. We hypothesise that zinc acts as both an extracellular platelet agonist, and as an intracellular second messenger. This research is funded by the British Heart Foundation.

We also have an interest in quantifying thrombus formation in vitro in whole blood laminar flow systems. We have developed a protocol to quantify platelet behaviour, providing information on platelet activation in real time.

The group is led by Associate Professor Nicholas Pugh. We are actively seeking collaborations, particularly with groups who could apply Nick's protocols to quantify platelet behaviour in perfusion based systems.

Flow chamber lab equipment

We are also able to supply laminar flow chambers for mounting on microscopes to image cell behaviour under flow conditions in real time. Please get in contact if you are considering setting up such a system in your lab.

For more information, email Nick at [email protected]

You can also find out more about our work on Twitter, at @DrNickPugh and @LabPugh.

Four alumni from ARU's Platelet Research Group sitting around a table
  • Dr Niaz Ahmed
  • Dr Maria Lopes Pires
  • Dr Kirk Taylor
  • Dr Janay Gibbons
  • Nathan White

Nick recently gave a talk, 'Zinc is a secondary messenger in platelets', for the Blood and Bone Seminar Series.

We organised the Platelet UK 2019 conference at the University of Cambridge, and held the 14th Zinc-Net meeting in 2019, having previously hosted it in 2015.

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