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What you will gain from being part of Sustainable Sainji

Sainji fields

Being part of the Sustainable Sainji programme will enhance your lifelong employability skills and help develop the personal qualities you'll need to gain graduate employment in a job that you feel is rewarding and fulfilling.

ARU uses a graduate capital model to describe the ‘broad personal capitals required for you to achieve good employability outcomes’. At the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) we suggest the term ‘good’, includes your active participation in the world of work.

We will work with you before, during and after the trip helping you to document your development of ARU’s graduate capitals and the ways you can apply these for a more sustainable future.

For example:

  • Knowledge: applying what you know to the very real and specific situations you will find in Sainji
  • Social capital: working with your peers and others to help enable the Sainji community to function more effectively
  • Cultural capital: responding to different situations in a professional way
  • Adaptability: being resilient and having the capability to respond positively to uncertainty and ambiguity will be a common feature of your Sainji experience
  • Identity: during and following your participation in Sustainable Sainji, we'll encourage you all to capture and reflect upon your personal experience, the new skills and knowledge you've gained, and how it has impacted your world view and future career ambitions.

Being part of Sustainable Sainji will also bring to life the aspirations and practicalities of several of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (eg no poverty, quality education, good health and wellbeing, reduced inequalities and clean water and sanitation). You will encounter the very practical challenges and contradictions of achieving these goals, and also the consequences of not doing so.