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2 November 2023

As I'm now well within my second year at ARU, I thought now would be a good time to recap my first year and share my experiences - the good and the bad. Read more…

17 May 2023

Hi! My name is Morgan, and I have now just completed the last of my two placements for my first year of nursing at ARU. I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my top tips to help support any students preparing for placement. Read more…

16 May 2023

My name is Ream and I’m in my final year studying midwifery. I remember when first starting off the course, I was faced with confusion on what books were the best to get or worth reading about. To make this easier for you… Read more…

20 April 2023

Hello! My name is Chloe, and I am a second-year student midwife at Chelmsford campus. I live at home with my partner, about 25 minutes from campus, and although I do not live in halls or in Chelmsford city centre, I still manage to enjoy days and nights out with my midwifery friends… Read more…

22 March 2023

A topic I find particularly interesting within the nursing/healthcare field is harm reduction. Harm reduction is defined as policies and practices that try to reduce the harm that people do to themselves or others from their drug use. Read more…

14 February 2023

As the birthplace of the world's first school of nursing, the UK has an excellent reputation for nursing education and research. I feel greatly honoured to be awarded the British Council GREAT Scholarship for 2022… Read more…

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