My Clinical Placement at Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust


Faculty: Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
School: School of Creative Industries
Course: MA Music Therapy
Category: Nursing and midwifery

14 March 2024

For the last year of Dominique's Master's, she started a new music therapy placement at an NHS trust where she will be working in adult mental health.

I am so excited to be working in the NHS again and continue my training in hospitals. I hope that this opportunity will help bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge learned from my courses and practical application working with the community.

The Importance of Clinical Placement

Student blogger, Dominique, standing with a guitar, The Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust also appears in the top-left of the photo

Hands-on Experience: It is one thing to learn how to work with people in clinical settings, but it is another entirely to be faced with real people and real situations.

This opportunity through my course allows me to apply the knowledge gained in class to this healthcare setting. This practical exposure is invaluable for developing clinical skills and enhancing critical thinking abilities.

Exposure to Diverse Service Users: My clinical placement exposes me to a wide range of demographics, medical conditions, and cultural backgrounds. I have plenty of opportunities in supervision to ask any questions I have now, so when I graduate, I have a better idea of how to be a successful music therapist and work with diverse people. This diversity fosters cultural competence, empathy, and a deeper understanding of patient-centred care.

Benefits of Clinical Placement

Improved Clinical Judgment: Since starting there in September, I have been exposed to a wide array of people and mental health challenges, and this experience strengthens my clinical judgment and how music might be used to benefit people's care. I know by the end of my placement, I will be better prepared for the complex and dynamic healthcare landscape.

Networking Opportunities: I have established valuable connections with experienced healthcare professionals and mentors. They have all taught me so much so far, and I intend to continue to foster these connections that might open doors for future career opportunities and provide guidance in professional development.


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