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11 July 2023

Digital Media Production student Sade applied to ARU through Clearing, having taken a year out to work and gain experience. Here, she explains how Clearing was the opportunity to find her perfect course. Read more…

4 May 2023

I’m Mitzi, a third year Early Childhood Studies student at ARU and self-published children’s author. Here are my top five children’s books that inspired me throughout my childhood as well as currently influence me as an author and early childhood student. Read more…

6 May 2022

I studied my BA and then my MA at ARU and so there are many resources that helped inform my writing and individual style. You will get a specific reading list as part of your course when you start your modules, but this isn’t about that… Read more…

6 May 2022

When you join your course and start your modules, you’ll get a full reading list that will include journals, essays and textbooks, so don’t jump the gun and wait until you start to make the most of your finances and the awesome library here. In the meantime, to quench your thirst for knowledge… Read more…

2 February 2022

The untimely death of writer, educator, artist Gloria Jean Watkins – also known as bell hooks – came as a blow in this already challenging year. It is one of those situations in which you enjoy a relationship with a good friend, you feel she will always be there with her wisdom and her encouragement… Read more…

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