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My experience of the Pre-departure competition

Thuy Nguyen

Faculty: Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course: MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL

8 January 2024

Thuy spills the beans about an amazing experience – the Pre-departure Competition.

Trust me, it was such a wild ride, and winning a voucher made it all the more unforgettable! Now, every time I look back at the video I made, it's like flipping through the pages of the coolest memory book ever.

About the video

Thuy Nguyen standing next to a lake in autumn

Picture this – the airport chaos, the laughs with friends, family, and my fellow students, and yes, the ugly-cry moments as the clock ticked down to my departure. I put every bit of emotion into that video, capturing the rollercoaster of feelings from leaving Vietnam to arriving in the UK for the first time.

When I was putting the video together, homesickness hit hard. Every clip felt like a piece of Vietnam, and I missed it all.

But I gave it my all, documenting not just the physical journey but also the emotional whirlwind I was going through.

Winning the competition

Submitting the video was nerve-wracking. I felt confident, sure, but winning the first prize? That seemed like a far-fetched dream. But guess what? When the international office dropped the bomb – I won – I was over the moon! I wasted no time bragging to my parents about this early win, and let me tell you, the pride on their faces was priceless.

I have rewatched that winning video so many times I do not even bother keeping a record. It has become my go-to pick-me-up. Pressing play takes me back to that moment of victory, a reminder of the effort I poured into creating something that mirrors the true essence of my journey. It's not just about the voucher; it's a funky little trophy for stepping into the unknown and owning it.

Thuy Nguyen standing next to a lake

Helping homesickness

As I navigate my studies in the UK, that video is my secret weapon against homesickness. It's a capsule of my courage, and winning the Pre-departure competition.

Well, that's the cherry on top; it's a slice of my story that I'm so proud of!


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