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ARU Blogs — Laura

English Language and Linguistics student Laura

Faculty:Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

School:School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Course: BA (Hons) English Language and Linguistics

My name is Laura and I am studying an undergraduate degree in English Language and Linguistics at ARU. I’ve always had an affinity for language, so when the opportunity presented itself to study the subject further after college and A levels, I jumped at the chance.

Since the Cambridge campus is only an hour from my home, I am commuting in for my lectures. I live on a small farm that relies on my help, so it suits me perfectly to commute in for my studies whilst also being close enough to participate in the important social aspects of university life.

I’m really enjoying university so far and the course is perfect for me. As well as being a passionate writer, I’m also a keen horse rider, dancer and runner so I made it my mission to join as many clubs and societies as possible to really get that full university experience. I’d also really love to start my own sports team at some point, so that’s exciting!

I’m so excited to be able to blog for ARU so that I can share my journey as I navigate my way through the new experience that is university, and take my studies further in the subject that I am most passionate about.

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