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ARU Blogs — Jennifer

Jennifer Walne

Faculty:Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

School:School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Course: BA (Hons) Writing and English Literature

I am in my second year studying Writing and English Literature. My room is full of books: I use some for doorstops, bedside tables, coasters, everything. Literature and writing are my passions. Finding the confidence to send my writing out into the world was a hard step for me, but I pushed myself and I’m proud of that. I write about everything from expectations of women in the 19th century to Game of Thrones, from fan fiction to poetry, to film reviews to short historical fiction.

If I’m not writing, there’s something wrong.

If there’s one thing I could wish for, it would be nice, long, healthy fingernails that I can paint and make look pretty.

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12 May 2020

Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare. Everyone knows the name. I came to uni not really sure what to expect in terms of how much Shakespeare I’d be doing, but it turns out that my course at ARU offers a nice bit of flexibility. Read more…

15 March 2019

I find exams of any kind stressful - that is a fact universally acknowledged. But what on earth do you do when you’ve got no idea what’s going to come up? Read more…


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