Small funding opportunities

ARU Course Team Fund 2023/24

The Course Team Fund is a new, easy-application fund for Course Leaders at ARU, to support the development of your course teams.

Up to £1,000 is available for each course, and decisions on funding will be made on three dates before and around the start of the academic year, to enable instant use of the fund for course-related activities.

Applications to the Course Team fund should be made by Course Leaders on the short application form, and should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • to enhance the cohesiveness and connection of the course team
  • to help module leaders to make connections across modules that are taught within the same course, and to get a better sense of the course as a whole
  • to apply ARU's strategic aims (active learning, inclusion and diversity, etc) across the course
  • to identify and share good practice across the course team.

Note that the fund is for the course staff team (including all who teach and support the course), and to support their development, cohesiveness and connection as a team. This is different to the Course Leader funding, which is still available and is focused on direct activities to improve the student experience on the course. Course teams can receive funding from both sources for different activities.

Apply via the simple online application form.

  • Please note the deadline is now Friday 3 November.

The Course Team fund is a special fund under the Sabbaticals scheme. Course Team projects are not subject to the same requirements as full Sabbaticals, but they may of course generate further ideas that could in the future become a full Sabbatical application.