Learning Development Services

Innovative and collaborative, we prioritize realising new ideas. With a focus on three key areas, our core mission is to ensure an exceptional student learning experience guides everything we undertake.

Anglia Learning and Teaching

We are dedicated to advancing learning, teaching, and assessment through innovative pedagogies and faculty CPD. Our strategic leadership fosters continuous improvement in student learning experiences, promoting evidence-informed policies aligned with our Education Strategy 2022-2027, supported by targeted educational development and collaborative partnerships in research and practice.

Degrees at Work

We support faculties in promoting and recruiting for work-based online courses and apprenticeships, enhancing ARU's reputation and income. Partnering with employers, we develop innovative work-based learning programs, addressing skills shortages and offering diverse career opportunities. Our commitment to degree apprenticeships reflects our civic mission and supports workforce development.

Distance Learning Services

We support faculty in generating income through demand-driven online courses, including full undergraduate, postgraduate awards, and upcoming short courses. Providing guidance on online design, recruiting expert tutors, and offering pastoral support, we uphold academic excellence in our distance learning degrees, supported by dedicated tutors and a user-friendly Learning Management System.

We have an agile working culture to support our staff to work flexibly and balance the demands of their role with their personal circumstances. As well as a competitive salary and extensive benefits including a generous relocation package, you'll have access to wellbeing, an attractive pension scheme, generous annual leave, and learning and development support to ensure you thrive at ARU.