Research and innovation

Our Sustainability Strategy 2020-26 has four goals, the second relating to research at ARU. We will increase our research output related to sustainability both in quality and volume, to ensure we are recognised for our world-leading innovation and impact as part of a new University-wide Sustainable Futures Research and Innovation Theme.

In 2020, ARU academics published 103 unique papers linked to sustainability, working with co-authors from around the world. We also made a submission to the Research Excellence Framework, which included a number of case studies outlining the impact of our research. We mapped our impact case studies to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What we're doing

By 2026 we will:

  • be visible and world leading in our research and innovation engagement through key partnerships and compacts working together on key sustainability challenges
  • launch a dedicated and visible route through the ARU website into the sustainability research and innovation community including a commitment to championing open source access to our research publications and data
  • continue to invest in building a strategic focus through a University-wide sustainability research theme
  • have a confirmed process for screening potential research funders and innovation partners against our sustainability commitment.

Progress to date

We're following a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make sure we reach our goals. Our KPI report for the Research goal details progress up to August 2021.

Research KPI report

Sustainability Strategy 2020-26