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Cognition Group

Artwork depicting a brain inside a skull

Members of the Cognition Group study autobiographical episodic and semantic memory, perception and attentional processes, conceptual knowledge, working memory, mental imagery, intelligence measurement and theory.

We employ a range of methods including behavioural and cognitive experimental approaches, structural and functional MRI, electroencephalography, functional near infra-red spectroscopy, cortical stimulation and computational modelling.

The Cognition Group is part of the ARU Centre for Mind and Behaviour.

We offer a Psychology PhD. We have also identified a range of innovative research project opportunities for postgraduate researchers.

For more information, contact Prof David Pearson at [email protected]


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  • Azeezat Aminu
  • Tanja Ecken
  • Eray Ertuğrul
  • Lewis Horsman
  • Dominic McCollum
  • Emily McKendrick
  • Maria Murga
  • Komal Ramlagun
  • Rathna Seetharaman
  • Lorraine Tindale
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