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C&C People

Consumption and Change group photo

The GSI's Consumption & Change academic and support staff work alongside our PhD students and visiting fellows. You can read the profiles of our members below.

Academic staff

PhD researchers

  • Maxine Von Bommel (2020-): 'Identity disruptions and ecological grief'
  • Tom Hambley (2019-): ‘User engagement with renewable energy: what works in theory and what is done in practice?’
  • Stefano Magariello (2018-): ‘Energising cities: Facilitating the low-carbon energy transition through local governments and governance’ (‘Energy Cities’ case study partner)
  • Obehi Sule (2014-2019): 'Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Higher Education institutions' (also with GSI's EfS theme)
  • Norbert Edomah (2014-2016): 'Nigeria's energy transitions: Policy decisions, influences and unintended consequences'

Visiting fellows

  • Dr Eric Jensen, (2019-)
  • Dr Nathalie Ortar, Laboratoire Aménagement Economie Transports (2017-2019)
  • Dr Ruth Mourik, Duneworks (2017-2019)
  • Valerie Furnham (2016-2018)
  • Dario Kenner, Why Green Economy? (2015-)
  • Dr Renee Lertzman (2015-2016)
  • Dr Charlotte Louise Jensen, Aalborg University (2014-2015)
  • Councillor Shona Johnstone (2012-2013)


  • Rebecca Spannenkrebs, Research Assistant (autumn 2017 - early 2018): SHAPE ENERGY (also with the MEDEAS project)
  • Dr Emmet Fox, Research Assistant (spring - summer 2017): SHAPE ENERGY
  • Dr Katrin Buchmann, Research Assistant (spring - autumn 2017): SHAPE ENERGY
  • Max Lacey-Barnacle, Research Assistant (spring 2017): Newton-funded project on strengthening capacity for energy justice research
  • Joana Rodrigues, Student Assistant (summer 2016 - autumn 2017): Balance Network

Student placements and visiting postgraduate researchers

  • Isobel Tang, Nuffield studentship (summer 2017): 'Local housing and wellbeing indicators'
  • Steven Ward, MSc Sustainability placement (spring - summer 2017): supporting SHAPE ENERGY project
  • Annuscha Wassmann, visiting MSc researcher (spring 2017): 'Collaboration of Sustainability Initiatives — An Ethnographic Exploration into Barriers to Establishing a Sustainable Food Partnership in Cambridge, UK'
  • Aaron Patel, Nuffield studentship (summer 2016): 'Alternative food businesses: mapping and exploring'
  • Victoria Circus, MSc Sustainability placement (spring 2016): supporting SHAPE-ENERGY bid
  • Christina Toelkes, visiting PhD researcher (autumn 2015 - spring 2016): 'Sustainable Communication of Sustainable Tourism Products'
  • Petya Ivanova, ARU research placement (summer 2015): 'Technologies and sustainability: how developers account for the end-user'
  • Samantha Coffey, Nuffield studentship (summer 2015): 'Smart Meter Policy'
  • Eric Hendriksen, ARU research placement (summer 2014): 'Experiencing eco-home open day'
  • Isobel Mawby, Nuffield studentship (summer 2014): 'Critiquing energy and water feedback technologies'
  • Melanie Mariyadas, ARU research placement (summer 2013): 'Digital technologies and self-reflection'
  • Ivy Qian, Nuffield studentship (summer 2013): 'Modelling wellbeing'
  • Lydia Wade, ARU research placement (summer 2012): 'Exploring trust'
  • Teju Sogbetun, Nuffield studentship (summer 2012): 'Science communication for young people'