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Everyday Experiences and Emotion

Sustainable societies require action from all of us. We study the everyday aspects of sustainability from new perspectives, to gain a better understanding of the social, cultural and emotional dimensions of achieving more sustainable societies. This includes exploring the lived experiences of those working towards a more sustainable future.

The GSI’s research under this theme seeks to ask and answer questions about everyday experiences in the pursuit of, or at odds to, sustainability aims. Examples include how the climate crisis prompts emotional experiences such as climate grief and eco-anxiety, or how mindfulness practices could help us take more meaningful action.

We’re interested in how climate change is affecting individual and societal wellbeing, and well as how our identities are currently tied to unsustainable practices. Several of our projects look at how cultural factors interplay with experiences of (un)sustainability across the globe.

We have also worked with a number of artists and creators to explore how creativity can help express our feelings and experiences related to climate change.

Many of our MSc students undertake dissertations in this area, including exploring experiences of those trying to build sustainability action within different business sectors.