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Innovation 50 was a three-year research project focusing on innovation in high-growth Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Essex (UK). Launched in 2015, and funded by Essex County Council, its aims were to establish the key determinants of high growth for local SMEs, assess their innovation performance and identify their innovation support requirements.

The project’s findings have informed innovation policy in Essex and additional innovation support measures for local SMEs have been implemented as a result. Combined with a comprehensive literature review and a qualitative appraisal of the most impactful public innovation support measures participating SMEs had received, the project also provided a framework for the design of future innovation support programmes and related initiatives in Essex.

More about the project

Innovation 50 involved a focus group with ten representatives from government, academia and the SME community, a survey of 200 high-growth SMEs in Essex and face-to-face interviews with 50 company owners. The survey of high-growth firms allowed us to identify 50 of the most innovative enterprises that had exhibited consistent growth over a three-year period. We then looked at the factors that promote success and where additional support from an outside source could help businesses grow more or faster.

Following a detailed analysis of the collected data, we grouped themes in relation to the characteristics of innovative and fast-growing SMEs as well as their support needs. We found the most innovative and successful SMEs in our sample exhibit significant overlaps in the areas of strategic leadership and management as well as responsiveness to change and approaches to customer relationship management.

The main areas for targeted innovation support were identified as entering new markets, digital marketing and conversion, and strategic intellectual property management. The resulting implications for innovation policy were put into perspective of strategic considerations for the Essex economy and centred mainly around the areas of talent management, leadership development, capacity building and infrastructure. Dedicated events, workshops and support measures were set up and implemented by Essex County Council, with the assistance of ARU, in the support areas identified.

Innovation 50 also aimed to celebrate and promote local business growth, and the list of the 50 SMEs read as a “who’s who” of Essex’s brightest, most up-and-coming companies. Those businesses are now able to proudly display the Innovation 50 symbol on their website, stationery and marketing materials. The list includes businesses as diverse as video game developers, a lampshade manufacturer, and even a company which delivers afternoon tea to your home.

The Innovation 50 SMEs

The following SMEs have been selected as highly innovative companies in Essex. They participated in all stages of the Innovation 50 research project. Their examples of good practice have been used to inspire others and shape future business strategy and innovation policy in Essex.

  • Acketts Group Ltd
  • Advante
  • Atlas Computer Systems
  • Birkett Long LLP
  • Blackman and White Ltd
  • Brynleigh Technology Ltd
  • Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd
  • Carbon Numbers
  • City & Country
  • Colchester Zoo
  • Corporate Battlefields Ltd
  • Coryton Advanced Fuels
  • Cwind
  • Dementia Adventure
  • Df2020 Ltd
  • Disarmco
  • Dura Composites Ltd
  • eMoov
  • Estuary Logistics
  • EuroGroup Ltd
  • Excalibur Screwbolts Ltd
  • George Thompson Ltd
  • Glasswell Solutions Ltd
  • Green Air Cars
  • ITA-Instruments Ltd
  • IX Cameras
  • Kite Power Solutions Ltd
  • M G Electric (Colchester) Ltd
  • Monkey Tower
  • Poulten Selfe and Lee Ltd
  • Printech Circuit Labs
  • SeeClear
  • Shark Infested Custard Ltd
  • SKN-RG Performance Skincare
  • Soteria - Smart Safety Solutions Ltd
  • Synthetix Ltd
  • Technevate Ltd
  • Tevva Motors
  • The Accumulator
  • The Cheeky Panda
  • The English Cream Tea Company
  • The Lampshade Company
  • The Point.1888
  • Ultimotive
  • Vertical Systems
  • WCM
  • WeAreTheCity
  • Windsor Integrated Services Group
  • Wishbone Publishing Ltd

Project team

Dr Sandra Selmanovic (Principal Lecturer in International Business, Project Lead)

Dr Rob Willis (Director of Research Students, Reader)

Andrew Hayman (Research Student, Data Collection Lead)

Contact us

If you have any questions about Innovation 50, email [email protected].