ROAR (2019)

ROAR is a curated artists’ book-work which explores key ideas arising from practice-based research in relation to sustainability issues, such as: experience of time, mutability, adaptability, energy and the problematics of quantifying nature.

ROAR focuses on the book as a space for presenting curatorial projects, artistic practice, critically engaged art commissions and scholarly essays. ROAR editors, Marina Velez and Rosanna Greaves, have curated this book-work, to actively consider the potential of the printed page to bring together academic writing, image and text as fully integrated practice-based research. A key part of this project is to promote collaboration and cross discipline discussions through the development of page-based works. The selected works and chapters have been chosen to cover a wide range of intersecting issues around the notion of sustainability. These topics range from social justice, geopolitics, specie-ism, land control and modification, loss of biodiversity to diversity of cultures and knowledges, anthropocentrism, gender equality, nature, access to jobs, war and displacement.

Rosanna Greaves / Marina Velez / Dr Michael Hrebeniak / Fiona Parry / Stefano Cagol / Lisa Wilkens / Kai Lossgott / Rebecca Ballestra / Angelika / Kelcy Davenport