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Phase IV: Intersections – Art / Architecture (2020)

A group exhibition and symposium curated by Benet Spencer and David Waterworth at Stephen Lawrence Gallery and Project Space, University of Greenwich, London in January/ February 2020.

Press release:

Phase IV: Intersections – Art / Architecture was an exhibition and a symposium bringing together projects, stemming from higher education institutions in England and France, that explored interfaces between art and architecture.

The Phase IV exhibition combined a wide range of artists who have been involved at different steps of the project, including architects and artists from the Stephen Lawrence Gallery series of Art/Architecture exhibitions, held at University of Greenwich School of Design between 2014-2019. Also featured were the members of Outside Architecture, an artist-led collaborative group founded in 2009 by Tim Renshaw, Bernice Donszelmann and Mary Maclean. Phase IV: Intersections – Art / Architecture marked an opportunity to gather these strands of activity, to take stock and evaluate what has become a growing discourse.

Phase IV was the fourth and last of a series of exhibitions led by Benet Spencer and Dr David Ryan from Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University. The earlier phases saw collaborations, in February 2018, with Institut Supérieur des Arts Toulouse for Phase II - Imagining Architecture; and, in November 2019, with École Supérieure d’Art et de Design Marseille-Méditerranée for Phase III - le Modulor.

The first exhibition, Phase I, held in February 2016 at the Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, was developed in conjunction with Réseau Peinture, a project that fosters collaboration between European schools of art and design, initiated by artist Olivier Gourviln from École Supérieure d’Art et Design Grenoble, Valence. In the spirit of Réseau Peinture, the project has grown to include parallel areas of research activity. Part of the development of the Phase III exhibition included ARC Modulor, a research project between staff and students which ran at the École Supérieure d’Art in Marseille from November 2018.

Exhibitors: Emmanuelle Castellan / George Charman / Valérie du Chéné / David Coste / Bernice Donszelmann / Jaime Gill / Olivier Gourvil / Andrew Grassie / Steve Johnson / Chloe Leaper / Mary Maclean / Didier Mencoboni / Suzanne Mooney / Laurent Proux / Tim Renshaw / Felix Robbins / David Ryan / Anna Salamon / Benet Spencer / Aleana Turner / April Virgoe / Daniela Yaneva

Catalogue published by the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, 2020. ISBN: 978-9573430-7-8, 60 pages.

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