RE:PRINT (2018)

RE:PRINT brings together the work of twenty contemporary artists working in the field of expanded printmaking, to explore the relationship between print media, interdisciplinary art and new technologies.

A hybrid of art object, book, physical and electronic form, RE:PRINT addresses concerns of reproducibility, technical developments and inter-medial approaches in contemporary art. Through an interplay of image and text from a diverse range of practitioners, RE:PRINT critically rethinks the notion of ‘print’ as both artwork and published multiple and debates what is print in the twenty first century.

Co-edited by Véronique Chance and Duncan Ganley, with support from the Arts Council of England, Grants for the Arts and Cambridge School of Art. Click here for see a selection of pages from the book.

RE:PRINT includes work by: Jo Stockham, Jo Love, Steve Lovett, Rob Smith, Asim, Véronique Chance, Susana Gómez Larrañaga, Kelcy Davenport, Nerma Cridge, Fay Hoolahan, Richard Kearns, Annis Fitzhugh, James Hutchinson, Monique Jansen, Duncan Ganley, Mark Shaw, Nick Devison, Mark Graver, Meg Rahaim and Emily Godden.

Designed with Christian Küsters of CHK Design studio, London.
Publisher: Marmalade Publications of Visual Theory.
Publication date: 1 January 2018.
Series editor: Gordon Shrigley.

Limited edition Artists' Book of 250 copies.
ISBN: 978-0-9933373-2-1
Retail price: £17.99. Distributed by Central Books. Also available on Amazon.