Phantom (2017)

Curated by Jane Boyer at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge in January-February 2017

Exhibiting Artists: Kirsty Harris, Marion Piper, Tim Skinner, Rachel Smith, Caroline Jane Harris, Julia Court, Kate Palmer, Niki Hare, Holly Rowan Hesson, and Jane Boyer.

Phantom focused on the artist-curator curating her work in conjunction with other artists in a group exhibition. Phantom presented an exhibition of works which explored latency and the processes of translation that considered the artists’ own historical polyphonic narratives. The issues investigated in this study involve questions of the self for the artist-curator within a group context, while significant emphasis continued to be given to the appearance of the simulacrum and the locations where it appears within the project.

The study was designed in five parts: first and foremost, as a practice-based research enquiry through the experience of curating my work in conjunction with the work of other artists, while observing outcomes and responses of those artists and the audience. The premise of this project explored latency and the polyphonic narrative; all the voices from our past which results in an implicit process of translation. Phantom postulated that through the influence of these voices and their latency, translation becomes a site for a simulacral divergence where the present is disrupted by meaning from the past, or purpose becomes displaced and transmutes into something other.

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