Course directors

The Course Director role is a key role and one that many academics undertake at some stage during their time at ARU. Course leaders play a pivotal role at ARU and inspire trust and foster a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Course Directors' Toolkit and Course Directors' Network

We have created a Course Directors' Toolkit on The Heron and Anglia Learning and Teaching's work also involves the development of a Course Directors' network - contact [email protected] to join.


This year’s Course Directors’ Conference will be held on our Chelmsford campus on Tuesday 10 September 2024, from 9am until 4.30pm.

The theme is Leading the Course Learning Experience and the event aims to develop a connected experience that flows across modules and links up with co-curriculum and global opportunities.

The conference will explore the Course Director’s role in leading a coherent programme of connected learning.

Professor Andrew Middleton, Deputy Head of Anglia Learning and Teaching, said: “We will consider what strategies work for our Course Directors and how to address external demands and develop an engaging course experience.

“We have built in time and space for networking and have invited members of the SU to explain their services, with particular focus on the advisory role it has with our students.”

Previously known as the Course Leader’s Conference, this year’s event has again been co-designed by ARU’s Course Director community.

Book your place on Business World or email [email protected] for further information.


Each Faculty convenes its own Course Leader Forums on a regular basis during the academic year. These provide an excellent opportunity to keep abreast of recent developments at ARU, and to share practice with other Course Leaders. Contact your Director of Learning Teaching & Assessment for more information on the dates/venues for Course Leader Forum meetings in your own Faculty.

DLTAs by Faculty

AHESS – Dr Joanne Bowser-Angermann ([email protected])
HMS – Michelle Hawkins ([email protected])
FSE – Adrian Scruton ([email protected])
B&L – Natalie Kite ([email protected])