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Benedict Osei-Boadu

Benedict Osei-Boadu

MBChB Medicine at ARU

Benedict is one of ARU’s first medical students. He studies at our School of Medicine in Chelmsford, where we're training a new generation of doctors to meet the needs of the East of England.

Before I began university, I’d been really anxious about making new friends, but since I’ve started at ARU I've gained a lot of confidence.

Thanks to the people I’ve met and how comfortable the staff have made me feel, it’s been really easy for me to fit in. I’ve met people from different courses, in different years, and have learnt a lot from them about how to make the most of university life.

As we’re the first intake for the medical school, the staff encourage us to do a lot – to blaze a trail for future students. Our lecturers want us to become professionals, to achieve without having to rely on other people. By not holding our hands 24/7, they've made us become more innovative, and allowed us to carry out whatever we put our minds to.

ARU is my first step to the brightest career path

We’ve set up our own medical school society which future students can be part of; hosted open days; arranged trips to national medical conferences and so much more. We hope that when new cohorts join in 2019 and beyond, they’ll be able to look to us and carry on what we've achieved.

For me, how I'm taught is really important. We study a wide range of topics here, which means I’m able to consider what I'd like to do in the future. The course structure allows us to understand complicated content in depth, with little confusion, which my colleagues and I really appreciate.

After a recent module, I’m really interested to learn more about cardiology. I was able to attend a national cardiology conference so I’m starting the focus my mind – thinking about the bigger picture and what I’ll need to learn.

I know that whatever I start doing now is going to affect my future, so it’s really important that I have the best experience possible at university, and make the most of it.

I know exactly where I will be in five years’ time, after I graduate. ARU is my first step to the brightest career path.

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