Women and Equalities

Back view of a female armed forces paramedic

Scoping work carried out by the VFI suggests that very little is known about how women and other minority groups fare following military service in the UK. Led by Dr Lauren Godier-McBard, this research theme focuses on gaining a better understanding of the health and well-being of women and other minority groups within the UK military and veteran populations.

More information about our research projects can be found on the Centre for Military Women's Research website.

As part of this research theme, the VFI are members of both the Confederation of Service Charities (Cobseo) Female Veteran and Non-UK cluster groups. Working with these and other stakeholder groups, our research aims to inform policy and practice to better enable the statutory and charity sector to support veterans within these and other minority groups.

For more information about the Women and Equalities research theme, email [email protected]