Subject areas

Accounting and Finance

You've got a head for numbers and the drive to work in a competitive industry. We'll teach you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

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Acting, drama and theatre

You want to perform and create work that moves and inspires others. We can help you perfect your skills, knowledge and industry experience.

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Animal and Environmental Science

You care deeply about the natural world and want to protect it. Study with us and gain the knowledge and skills you need to shape its future.

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Architecture, Construction and Surveying

You want to leave your mark on the landscape. We'll teach you everything you need to know to make your visions a reality.

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Art and Design

You pour yourself and your experiences into your creative work. Cambridge School of Art provides the perfect environment for you to grow as an artist.

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You see opportunity everywhere. We'll help you sharpen your business knowledge and skills and turn your ideas into action.

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Computer Games

You want to create amazing games with immersive stories and graphics. Take advantage of our facilities and contacts and achieve your ambitions.

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Computer Science

You're excited by the possibilities technology offers for the future and want to be at the forefront of change. Get ready to shake up the tech world.

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Crime and Investigation

You use logic and reason to solve problems and want to put your skills to use in the criminal justice sector. We'll prepare you for a rewarding career.

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Data Science

You're highly analytical and relish a challenge. Sharpen your skills by tackling complex problems in our state-of-the-art facilities.

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You want to help children and young people build their confidence and fulfil their potential. Become an inspiring educator with our support.

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You want to play a crucial role in transforming the way we live. Study with us and you could help solve some of the biggest problems humans face.

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Film and Media

You’re fascinated by the theory and practice behind all sorts of media. Explore the culture of communication and develop your own practice with us.

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Health and Medical Science

You want to make a difference to people’s wellbeing. Whether you want to work in a healthcare setting or the lab, we'll help you achieve your ambitions.

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You have a strong sense of justice and want to make a difference in the legal sector. We'll help you develop the skills, knowledge and experience you need.

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Literature, Language and Writing

You're fascinated by how we use words, stories and images to express our ideas. Study with us and become a brilliant communicator in your own right.

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You're determined to make it to the top and transform business and society. We'll help you sharpen your knowledge and skills and realise your ambitions.

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You've got a passion for promotion and want to make things happen. We'll help you fulfil your potential and make your mark in a competitive field.

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You're compassionate, dedicated, and a good communicator. Start a rewarding career in medicine at our School of Medicine and out on placement.

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You want to support families during some of the most important moments of their lives. We'll help you develop your skills, knowledge and hands-on experience.

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Music and music technology

You're fascinated by music, sound and production. We'll help you hone your skills and experience.

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You want to provide excellent care and improve people's lives. Train as a nurse in our cutting-edge skills labs and on a variety of placements.

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Operating Department Practice

You're fascinated by the surgical environment and want to learn from the best. Get hands-on from day one in our true-to-life mock operating theatre.

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You want to make your difference as part of the police force. Study the theory and practice behind policing and prepare to rise through the ranks.

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Post-registration Nursing

You're ready take your nursing career to the next level by developing a specialism. Gain advanced skills and knowledge you can put to use straight away.

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You’re drawn to ideas about human behaviour and the way we think. Fulfil your curiosity in our state-of-the-art psychology facilities.

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Social Care

You want to improve people's quality of life. Take advantage of the knowledge, connections and opportunities we offer, and make a real difference.

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Social Sciences

You've got big questions about politics, society, or even humanity itself. Build a variety of skills while exploring a range of fascinating topics.

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Social Work

You want to help people and improve lives. We offer the professional training and real-world experience you need to start a rewarding career in social work.

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You want to use your passion for sport to help others reach their potential. Learn to maximise sporting performance while gaining experience in real-life settings.

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Vision and Hearing Sciences

You’re inspired by the science around how we see and hear. Gain invaluable hands-on experience and start a fulfilling career that changes lives.

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