Writtle University College and ARU have merged. Writtle’s full range of college, degree, postgraduate and short courses will still be delivered on the Writtle campus. See our guide to finding Writtle information on this site.

Animal and veterinary facilities

In Writtle, we’re home to students of animal management, therapy and sciences – and we have dedicated facilities to support the development of practical knowledge and skills.

Horse in a stable at Anglia Ruskin University campus in Writtle

Our students may focus on particular animal groups – such as farm livestock or zoo animals – or specialise in canine or equine care. It’s important to get hands-on experience, and this happens in our equine and canine centres, small animal centre, and campus farm.

Lordship Canine Centre

Our modern canine centre is open to the public, and offers both canine therapy and dog-grooming services.

The Canine Therapy Clinic features a new hydrotherapy pool, two underwater treadmills and clinical consultation rooms. There are also classrooms and lecture rooms.

Alongside the Therapy Clinic, our dog grooming centre is equipped with grooming tables, a bathing area and preparatory spaces.

There’s also a large multipurpose for practical sessions, including dog behaviour practicals, therapy and grooming, and an indoor kennels block.

Pet Behaviour Centre

A dedicated facility for pet behaviourists, our Centre features a consultation room, outdoor paddocks and a training hall. It's a commercial space where students are able to observe activities.

Equine Training and Development Centre

Situated on Cow Watering Campus, part of the bigger site at Writtle, our equine centre allows students can carry out hands-on work with horses. There are around 70 horses on campus.

Facilities include:

  • three indoor riding arenas (24m x 60m), (24m x 55m), (22m x 22m)
  • outdoor arena (20m x 60m)
  • oval horse walker
  • therapy barns
  • equine water treadmill
  • mechanical horse
  • semen collection area
  • stabling for up to 92 horses
  • classrooms.

DIY Livery Yard

The Livery Yard allows students to bring their own horses to university, and to access Equine Centre facilities such as riding arenas when they’re not in use for lessons.

There is good hacking on campus and in the local area, and shared grass turnout for horses.

Find out more about the Livery Yard or register your interest.

Sturgeons Farm

Our campus farm and field facilities are here to support hands-on learning and sustainable practice. They’re an 'open laboratory' for students to observe, experiment, analyse, evaluate and gain key skills.

The farm is home to sheep, pigs and cattle – and grows its own wheat to support livestock bedding.

Titchmarsh Centre for Animal Care

There are around 200 animal species on our Writtle campus, and you’ll find many of them in the Titchmarsh Centre. It’s home to Shetland ponies, goats, birds, reptiles, rabbits and more.

As well as classrooms, the Centre has outside areas including paddocks and barns, and indoor units for reptiles, fish, birds and companion animals.

It’s the ideal place for our students to further their knowledge and animal-handling skills.

Take a look around our campuses and facilities, and find out more about studying at ARU, at one of our Open Days.