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Industrial collaboration

At ARU, we collaborate with a number of industries including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to help develop products and increase productivity.

While we specialise in vascular and gut studies, we can also use our expertise in biological tools to help you solve a number of problems preventing you from maximising your potential.

Vascular system

Why work with us?
We offer a personalised service for your study and our experienced team are here to help and advise throughout.

  • Vascular studies: we are experienced in working with primary endothelial cell lines for a range of vascular beds, for example the eye (retina and cornea), arterial, and kidney (proximal tubule and glomerular). We can perform a range of specialised studies with the endothelium including, but not limited to, vascular permeability, angiogenic potential, cell biology, and toxicity studies. These would be performed using sensitive and high-throughput assays to provide a thorough understanding of a range of therapeutic compounds.
  • Gut studies: we are experienced in working with a range of human gut epithelial cell lines to establish the absorptive capacity, gastric leak, cell biology, and toxicity potential of a range of substances, such as food additives, supplements, and therapeutic compounds. These would be performed using a range of robust and highly-sensitive assays to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of new dietary compounds, as well as an understanding of the related molecular mechanisms.
  • Bespoke studies: we are experienced, working with a range of collaborators, in using biological tools (eg liquid nitrogen, human cell lines) to:
    • develop new assays which increase productivity
    • assess the toxicity of new compounds
    • understand the mechanism through which new compounds are effective.

Who we work with
We work with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and academic collaborators, both nationally and internationally.

Laboratory services and facilities
We're based in the heart of Cambridge, in ARU's purpose-built Science Centre.

We use human cell lines and a range of specialist equipment to measure cell function, for example transepithelial / endothelial resistance, and angiogenic tube formation of robust and sensitive assays.

Email us for a quote: [email protected].

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