Immune checkpoint assays

As tumour cells grow and mutate, they can develop defences against attack by the immune system. There is a pressing need to identify mechanisms used by tumours to evade the immune response, and to develop drugs which counter these defences.

Our laboratory has the expertise to support your programme for immunotherapy and drug discovery.

Human cancer cell

Why work with us?
At ARU, our expert team are able to study and measure both the human innate and adaptive immune responses. We have expertise in the screening of novel compounds and biologicals in phenotypic assays for immunomodulatory and anti-tumour activity.

Our team can also offer discovery of novel leads from screens of natural product libraries, including support for activity guided separation, compound isolation, and identification.

Who we work with?
We work with a wide range of organisations including:

  • pharmaceutical companies
  • biotechnology companies
  • contract research organisations.

Laboratory services and facilities
Based in ARU's high-tech Science Centre in Cambridge, we offer external partners the opportunity to test novel compounds or biologicals in the assays we have developed, in order to screen for the potential to reverse immune checkpoint inhibition.

We also offer assays to investigate the effects of novel compounds or biologicals on tumour-relevant adaptive immune functions, and the capacity of T-cells to kill tumour cells in vitro.

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