Amplify Your Summer: Creative Industries Programme

Limited spaces available, apply now
Animation student using a Mac

16-20 July 2023

This July we'll be running a free, residential summer experience for Year 12 students. Join us on our Cambridge campus for the Creative Industries Programme, from 16-20 July 2023.

Explore the process of designing and developing a great character that connects with a teenage audience. This summer experience allows you to explore character design in 2D or 3D, in an area that interests you.

You could focus on one of the following:

  • games
  • illustration
  • animation
  • how a character might be used by a brand
  • how a character evolves in a graphic novel.

As well as considering the visual aspects of the character, you’ll also explore the themes of representation and identity in characterisation.

How to apply

Check eligibility criteria and apply online.

We're also running a Medicine Programme on our Chelmsford campus.

Limited spaces available, apply now