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Amplify Your Summer: Business and Law Programme - Cambridge

Limited spaces available, apply now
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Year 12 students are invited to join a free, residential summer experience at ARU. Join us on our Cambridge campus for the Business and Law Programme from 7-1 July 2023. You'll have the chance to take part in bespoke activities led by academics in the Faculty of Business and Law as we explore whether companies should be responsible for their environmental impact.

How is this impact measured, who foots the bill and should governments impose strict regulations to force companies to manage their impact? We will look at this and more to consider whether sustainability and social responsibility should be the remit of individual companies or if coming together creates a greater impact.

Throughout this combined Business and Law programme, you'll have the opportunity to explore:

  • Should international businesses be responsible for managing their environmental impact or would this fall under governments’ responsibilities?
  • Could companies use social and environmental responsibility to build a strong brand and increase customer and staff loyalty?
  • Climate emergency – should governments impose strict regulations to force companies to manage their environmental impact beyond toxic substances?
  • Can international agreements (Paris Agreement, COP agreements) really force countries and companies to take responsibility for their environmental impact?
  • Could the Global Climate Reward (a new global carbon market) be the solution to incentivising companies to better manage their environmental impact?

This is an excellent opportunity if you're considering studying a related course, such as LLB (Hons) Law or a business degree.

How to apply

Check eligibility criteria and apply online.

We are also offering this programme in Chelmsford – please only apply for one location.

Limited spaces available, apply now