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Paramedic Science Facilities

Our purpose-built paramedic skills labs in Cambridge and Chelmsford allow our students to practice their skills in an environment that simulates real-life experiences.

There are three dedicated spaces for our students with easy access to all of their specialised kit, mannequins, trolleys and simulation equipment.

There is also a self-contained flat for use by the paramedic students in Chelmsford. This studio flat has a fitted kitchen and bedroom area, separate bathroom with bath, toilet, sink, and shower. This is a teaching and practical space to practice skills and scenarios in places that they are likely to encounter on placement and in work.

"I have really enjoyed our many practical sessions organised by our Paramedic Lecturers in our purposed built skills lab. This is because they are multifunctional and allow us to practice the skills learnt from our theory lectures with the equipment that is used on the road."

Sean, First Year Paramedic Science student


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"As a newbie to healthcare entirely, the clinical domain was a complete enigma to me, but the skills lab was a fantastic place to begin to develop and enhance my clinical skills in a safe, supportive environment. Despite being taught certain skills within the lab, there were times where I lacked confidence. I voiced my worries to my skills lecturer and she set up extra sessions for anyone that felt they needed extra support"

First Year Paramedic Science student