Midwifery facilities

Our Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses offer purpose-built midwifery skills labs, where our students use sophisticated equipment to simulate many aspects of a working hospital ward.

Skills sessions are designed for our students to be practical and benefit from working in small groups to practice skills such as bed making, hand-washing, communicating with patients, applying and interpreting basic monitoring, blood taking, palpations, observations and emergency care. Skills sessions are an exciting part of the midwifery courses at Anglia Ruskin University and we are constantly striving to use our facilities to their best possible advantage.

"Skills days are designed to teach you the basics of midwifery practice. There are a lot of helpful models around the skills labs to help you with things you learn in lectures. If like me, you are a visual learner, then the skills days will be fantastic for you. I really struggled to understand the mechanisms of labour and how the baby does all these fantastic twists in the birth canal to aid delivery. After a few times with the doll and pelvis I really understood."

Amber Sage, Student on the BSc (Hons) Midwifery

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