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Why students should get involved in extra curricular activities

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Faculty: Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
School: School of Education
Course:BA (Hons) Education
Category: Education

17 December 2018

Tatiana Sapiano

As students we are all aware of the enormous costs of a degree at university. However, not all students are actually getting their money’s worth. In my opinion, those who only attend lectures and then return to their dorm or home when they have no other commitments are not actually making the most of their university experience here at ARU.

University is not solely about the lectures.  It is also about what you do outside of them and at Anglia Ruskin we have a whole range of co and extra curricular activities that students can get involved with. These activities are what is going to set you apart from other students.  Taking part will show your passion, interests and willingness to do more than necessarily expected.

We have numerous committees and working groups who focus on specific areas. Staff and students also come together to work on an issue and to ultimately make things better.

We also have sports and a gym where students who love sports can play these during their free time.

Societies are something ARU does well. We have so many, with new ones being added every year. From the Harry Potter society to the Tea and Hot Chocolate society - and believe me when I say there are many more!

We also have lots of opportunities for work, whether it be volunteering through the Students Union, or paid work through the Employment Bureau. Volunteering can be more specific to an area or career you wish to try, where staff are on hand to help in any way they can. Whereas the Employment Bureau provide opportunities to visit schools, work at Open Days and even provide work for graduates leaving ARU.

Even with the list as large as it is already, there are still more activities and opportunities at ARU. This is why I believe Anglia Ruskin students should take up more co & extra curricular activities. With so many different things to choose from, why wouldn't you?

By Tatiana
BA (Hons) Education student


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