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16 May 2023

Beginning to study for your degree can bring many different feelings into play, among these will, without doubt, be excitement. However, it can feel very intimidating at the same time, as you most likely will be starting a journey that you haven’t taken before. ARU provides access… Read more…

4 May 2023

I’m Mitzi, a third year Early Childhood Studies student at ARU and self-published children’s author. Here are my top five children’s books that inspired me throughout my childhood as well as currently influence me as an author and early childhood student. Read more…

6 February 2023

ARU educates undergraduate learners in an extremely well supported manner. Lecturers are knowledgeable, friendly, and interested in your success, everyone around you will want the best for you and that has really been reflected in my two years of studying here! Read more…

24 November 2022

During my three years of studying at ARU, I have been fortunate to have been on educational field trips, my latest one being to Community Playthings in East Sussex. Read more…

3 November 2022

Conducting research is important in many sectors as it provides influential ways to improve outcomes. In Early Childhood Studies, research allows us to reform education provocations and integrate improved strategies. Read more…

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