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26 May 2023

I am a 3rd-year pharmaceutical science student at ARU, and throughout the years I have used several resources to complete my assignments and progress. I wanted to share my top 5 with you, these were crucial for me since I am a very visual learner! Read more…

25 May 2023

From co-curricular learning, to employability support and relaxing social spaces: final-year business student Francesca shares fives things she has loved about ARU. Read more…

16 May 2023

Beginning to study for your degree can bring many different feelings into play, among these will, without doubt, be excitement. However, it can feel very intimidating at the same time, as you most likely will be starting a journey that you haven’t taken before. ARU provides access… Read more…

16 May 2023

My name is Ream and I’m in my final year studying midwifery. I remember when first starting off the course, I was faced with confusion on what books were the best to get or worth reading about. To make this easier for you… Read more…

20 April 2023

Hello! My name is Chloe, and I am a second-year student midwife at Chelmsford campus. I live at home with my partner, about 25 minutes from campus, and although I do not live in halls or in Chelmsford city centre, I still manage to enjoy days and nights out with my midwifery friends… Read more…

4 April 2023

It’s easy to let your mind get crowded with work and get stressed and overwhelmed by it. It is important to look after yourself and make it a priority, as a midwifery student and as a student in general. Especially for those working in health care, you’re so used to caring for others… Read more…


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