Why I chose Early Childhood Studies


Faculty: Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
School: School of Education
Course: BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies
Category: Education

9 March 2018

Choosing a degree course was daunting and I carried out lots of research to see which course would suit me. I knew I wanted to come to university to open my own nursery later on in life or become a primary school teacher, so that was a start...!

I applied for courses that interested me at various universities and visited them to establish what each course entailed and to get a feel of my surroundings. I would be spending three years studying, so I wanted to feel comfortable and happy at my chosen university.

After reading more about the Early Childhood Studies course here at ARU and what it offered, it grabbed by attention straight away. No exams, two to three days in university, help was always available from the tutors, and more job opportunities available for when I graduate. When I first saw ‘no exams’ it was great because I hate exams! Even though I chose a full-time course, being in two to three days a week is great because it still gives me the opportunity to work in a setting as well.

All the lectures get uploaded onto Canvas, which is an online portal, so you can access your lectures and all the notes 24/7, which is perfect. We all know what it’s like trying to take notes when the lecturer is talking and you’re trying to listen to new information, whilst remembering what they said two seconds ago and then forgetting what you’re writing down!

I chose Early Childhood Studies because there is a range of skills and knowledge that I would learn, that I knew would support me when I work in a setting. My options are open as to which career path I wish to take and, if I have a complete change in what I want to do, then I still have this degree to support me through my new role. It will always be worthwhile.


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