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Medicine student Fatima

Faculty:Health, Medicine and Social Care

School:School of Medicine

Course: MBChB Medicine

Hi, my name is Fatima and I am currently studying Medicine at ARU's Chelmsford campus. I started my degree in 2020 and have joined the course as a postgraduate student.

I enjoy being at this uni and love how personal the campus feels, you seem to just make friends with everyone and rarely get lost in any hustle and bustle. It is also great to be studying medicine in a new building surrounded by lecturers and clinical leads who take a keen interest in our learning and progression.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, watersports and reading. My main advice to anyone starting university is make sure to make time for yourself as there will be many friends to make and new skills to learn during your time here. Enjoy the journey.

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5 January 2023

It was easy for me to explain why I wanted to go into medicine. I want to work in a healthcare setting and deliver quality patient care and management. I want to fit in the pieces of a puzzle to come up with the diagnosis. The human body is fascinating and, to me… Read more…

30 August 2022

It isn’t unusual to hear people discuss burnout, especially when you study an intensive course such as medicine. You are usually in 5 days a week, and when you aren’t on placements or in lectures, you are making your way through a mountain of content in the hopes of passing your exams. Read more…

16 May 2022

One of the first questions I am asked is: what books do I need to buy before starting Medicine? My response will always be, unless you have required summer reading, leave out the book buying until you’re actually studying the course. Read more…

24 March 2022

When applying to Medicine, one of the most important things for me was to study in a place that not only had great facilities but also a place I could walk around and feel comfortable in. Fast forward to an open day at ARU and I got to tour around the brand-new Medical School, the library… Read more…

8 October 2021

Moving into halls can feel like a very grown-up decision when you’re 18. Once the reality sets in, you realise what unfamiliar territory you're treading and inevitably learn lots of life lessons along the way... Read more…


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