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Facilities in Medicine


Faculty: Health, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Medicine
Course: MBChB Medicine
Category: Medicine

24 March 2022

When applying to Medicine, one of the most important things for me was to study in a place that not only had great facilities but also a place I could walk around and feel comfortable in. Fast forward to an open day at ARU and I got to tour around the brand-new Medical School, the library, and the city of Chelmsford - that same evening I added ARU to my choices.

As with any university student, you want to have access to areas that will enhance your learning and allow you to come across things you would use in your future career. For prospective doctors this means having access to a simulated learning environment, anatomy labs, a good library, and of course somewhere you can decompress, here are some of the facilities I’ve enjoyed using the most during my time here at ARU.

1. Anatomy Lab:

Anatomy lab at ARU Chelmsford campus

Truthfully, I was nervous about my first cadaver dissection. In my head I pictured an old lab, a bit washed out, dreary, and possibly filled with an odd smell. However, an open space, a bright suite, with modern technology, and a very ventilated room are where I learn more about the human body. This room is very useful as anatomy has always been quite difficult for me to learn, but the practical work aided by models and workshops has made it one of my favourite lessons of the course.

2. Common study spaces:

Common study area at ARU Chelmsford campus

These spaces can be found across the campuses and offer a break from sitting in the library and reminding yourself to keep your voice down. In the school of Medicine, there is a large open space with computers and booths to use which is great for quick group study sessions. It’s also a great place to relax in between lectures and catch up on some Netflix shows.

3. GP simulation room:

GP simulation room at ARU Chelmsford campus

Our GP rooms do look as though you are walking in for an appointment with your local GP. This makes it much easier to settle into placement as you are already used to the set-up and clinical environment- we also use the same medical equipment that various trusts and GPs across the NHS use. This makes it easier to focus on learning skills in placement rather than worrying about not knowing what things are.


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